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25+ years of Protecting Our Beaches...

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Thank You
Circus Foodtown!

For supporting our organization and collecting over $4,000 for The Jersey Shore Partnership!

We would like to extend a huge "thank you" to Circus Foodtown for the generous donation through a highly successful partnership! Collaboration  with businesses, local/state/federal government, the community and other organizations supports The Jersey Shore Partnership's mission of "Protect Our Beaches"

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Who We Are...

The Jersey Shore Partnership stands as the state’s leading advocate and champion of beach replenishment and restoration to protect our coastline — a national treasure, a major contributor to the state’s tourism industry, and a favorite destination for fun and relaxation. All of us value the Jersey Shore beaches for the quality of life they offer, the economy they stimulate, and the environmental habitats they create. We also recognize that our New Jersey coast is very vulnerable to storm surges that cause serious erosion and damage to the coastal infrastructure, our first line of defense. For the past two centuries, New Jersey has worked to maintain and protects it beaches. The Jersey Shore Partnership is committed to ensuring that this effort continues for our generation and beyond.


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