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Think about it? Is it a phenomenon that all the beaches from Sandy Hook to Cape May are drawing thousands of beach lovers to the Jersey Shore this summer? Is it a phenomenon that there is an increase in migrating birds, protected species like piping clover, least turns and black skimmers, that are returning to the Jersey Shore beaches to build their nests? The phenomena is called BEACH REPLENISHMENT. Our beautiful attractive beaches did not just happen. Post-sandy Jersey Shore has been restored over the past 7 years with sand replacement, new groins, repaired seawalls, and soft structures including dunes and living shorelines. The result: Beaches are attracting more people from New Jersey, throughout the region, and yes, Canada and Europe, to enjoy the splendid revivals of the Jersey coast with its umbrellaed beaches, water sports, boardwalk arcades, eateries, and water sports.

The Jersey Shore Partnership wants this idyllic picture to always be there for us and coming generations. That is way we have put forward legislation to ensure that there is funding on the federal, state and local levels to protect our shared-funding agreement with the federal government that has poured millions of dollars into New Jersey for beach replenishment projects and, further to ensure that the state has the funding to move forward with its state-sponsored municipal projects.

The $20 billion shore tourism economy is a significant investment in our State’s economy. Senate bill S1614 and Assembly bill A826 are in the Legislature and need your support. Contact your Legislators to support these bills.

Margot Walsh

Executive Director

Jersey Shore Partnership m



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