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The 2019 Summer Celebration Committee decided to accept the challenge of going green at the June 10 event hosted at Fort Hancock, Sandy Hook for close to 600 people. Most of the products we used were biodegradable and compostable to minimize waste and avoid the use of plastic that is so damaging to the environment and to ocean life.

Name Tags  – Best to use stick-on name tags that can be thrown away

Plastic holders are more serviceable, but it is difficult to get them all returned at end of the event for future use.

If food is to be served, you need to consider:

Table coverings/napkins – We used cloth table coverings and napkins. If using paper check for recyclable products.

Centerpieces (floral or other) – We had floral arrangements that guests took home.

Plates, dishes/eating utensils – Order online from a company specializing in recyclable

Cups, soup and coffee products.

Water – Rent large water dispensers (Poland Springs) – do not use bottled water.

Alcohol containers – Beer cans are preferable to bottled beer – both wine bottles and beer containers are recyclable.

Garbage disposal – Order biodegradable garbage bag online.

Clearly mark recycling containers for cans and bottles, cardboard and paper not touched by food ( e.g. programs), and containers marked for food disposal .

Pricing – Surprisingly, we did not find that there was a significant increase in costs providing recyclable products vs. plastic and paper goods.

As this was our first effort, we supplied the food vendors with recyclable plates, utensils and cups.

MOST IMPORTANT: PLAN AHEAD TO BE SURE YOU HAVE COVERED ALL YOUR BASES. Promote that you are Going Green in your advance materials and in signage at the event to make people aware of your efforts and get their support.


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