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On 10th Anniversary of Sandy, JSP Supports Beach Protection and Coastal Replenishment Projects

Grace Hanlon, Executive Director of The Jersey Shore Partnership, released the following statement regarding the 10th Anniversary of Super Storm Sandy this week:

“The 10th anniversary of Super Storm Sandy is a stark reminder of the importance of a defensive infrastructure. The Jersey Shore Partnership supports and commends the state's efforts to advance and adapt innovative resiliency strategies to protect our coastal and inland communities from the impacts of sea level rise, while seeking alternatives to further development in vulnerable coastal areas.

As we saw 10 years ago, New Jersey’s coastline is its first line of defense from devastating storms that cost lives, destroy livelihoods, and devastate the state’s economy. Periodic beach/dune re-nourishment projects are critical in protecting what is behind the beach – millions of people, roads, walkways, homes, commercial and municipal buildings, restaurants, small businesses, utility infrastructure, schools, and more.

In the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy, coastal replenishment projects were overwhelmingly supported in a bi-partisan manner by our Democratic President, our Republican Governor, and our

Democratic-controlled state Legislature. Today, beach protection has bi-partisan support in the New Jersey Legislature recognizing that the threats of sea level rise require a resilient coastal infrastructure. We continue to applaud our champions at the state, federal and local level for supporting these projects and protecting our coastline and shore communities.”

For further questions about beach replenishment projects, please contact Grace Hanlon at 732-910-5000,

The Jersey Shore Partnership was created as a not-for-profit, non-partisan organization as a result of the 1991 devastating Halloween storm with the mission to guarantee that state and federal funding would be available to protect New Jersey’s 127 miles of coastal shoreline from the damages that storms can inflict. The Partnership is dedicated to raising the awareness of state and federal officials and the public to the need for safeguarding the shoreline through beach restoration and other shore protection methods.

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