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Pallone Requests Army Corps Beach Study

Congressman Pallone, Co-Chair of the Congressional Coastal Communities Caucus, has requested a US Army Corps of Engineers study on the effectiveness of beach erosion structures when used in concert with beach replenishment projects.

The Congressman wrote on behalf of the Caucus stating, “The impact of beach loss on a coastal community can be profound, negatively affecting both the safety and socio-economic well-being of coastal populations. He stated further that “A study on the effectiveness of these beach erosion structures when used in concert with beach and dune nourishment is needed to guide federal, state and local policymakers as they work to better protect beaches and the safety of coastal communities, and should be conducted by an internationally respected organization like the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences.”

The Jersey Shore Partnership applauds the Committee’s recommendation and urges that funding is made available to move forward in addressing the effectiveness of erosion remedies and their environmental, economic and social effects.

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