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Partnership Co-sponsors Bill to Stop Seismic Testing in the Atlantic Ocean

The Jersey Shore Partnership has joined with more than 1, 500 local, state and federal officials as cosponsors of the bipartisan Atlantic Coastal Economies Protection Act, which would stop the five seismic testing permits for the Atlantic Ocean that are pending before the Department of the Interior (DOI).   New Jersey Congressman Chris Smith and Jeff Van Drew are cosponsors of the bill.

Seismic airgun testing, the first step in offshore oil and gas exploration and development, risks harming coastal economies based on tourism, fishing and recreation. Studies have shown the harmful impacts that seismic airgun blasting has on fisheries and marine mammals, adversely impacting the catch anglers bring dockside and the revenues generated by related businesses. Vital military operations and training missions that operate off the East Coast could also be impacted.

The Atlantic Coastal Economies Protection Act would prohibit the Secretary of Interior or a designee from issuing any of the five pending seismic permits for geological and geophysical testing in the Atlantic. East coast governors, including New Jersey Governor Murphy, have voiced their opposition to seismic airgun blasting in the Atlantic Ocean.


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