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US Department of Interior Plans to Resume Seismic Testing Offshore

The U.S. Interior Department plans to resume seismic testing in the Atlantic Ocean, a step that could eventually lead to allowing oil drilling there. The Partnership, along with our Congressional representatives and tourism organizations along the coast denounce this plan as harmful to the health and safety of our coastal communities and a serious risk to our $20 billion tourism economy.

The Partnership Executive Director participated in a press conference on Monday, June 19 in Avalon

New Jersey to protest the federal plan. The Partnership’s statement is below.



JUNE 19, 2017

The Jersey Shore Partnership mission is to protect and preserve our coastline. We stand with the Cape May Chamber and other tourism organizations here today in denouncing the proposed seismic testing and offshore drilling on our Atlantic coast that threaten the health and safety of our coastal communities and the economies of the Atlantic coastal region, that in New Jersey represents $20 billion annually.

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